Your Guide to Adventure


HGL TOUR AFRICA is a Tour Company Founded by Prince Adegalu O. Amos with the aim of promoting and bringing Tourism closer and easier to Africa Local Communities. This also brings their Traditions, Customs, History and Culture to neighboring Countries and the outside World.


There are a lot of amazing places to visit in Africa, educate your children about our beautiful mother land, let’s value our continent. Taking our children out of Africa is great but let us instill more knowledge about this great continent with varst cultures onto them. They are the leaders of tomorrow, build them to become great ones. Take them to neighbouring countries to see life beyond what is around them. Learning while having fun is a great idea for our young ones and what better way than Touring our beautiful mother land Africa. Let us take your children and schools on Accademic Tours, we guarantee you a funfilled and educative trip.


We are the best at personalizing an unforgettable tourist experience of your choice within Nigeria and the rest of West Africa, while exploring our rich Africa history at different locations. Our services are designed to meet every client’s peculiar need and you are assured of an exhilarating experience throughout your stay. We partner with the best hotels and resorts. 

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